At present, you can find carbon frames used not only in the top-level models but also in the more affordable bicycles. In the 2011 season, DEMA offered a total of 9 bicycles built with carbon frames (hardtails Lottus, Ferrara, Scaleo, Thoba, and Argo, as well as full-suspension bicycles Quark, Voon, Plasma, and Roxx). All frames are made using the Tube2Tube technology, from high quality, trademark carbon materials from the Japanese Toray Company. The main frame triangle is made of high strength material to ensure optimum balance between firmness and flexibility. Chain and saddle stays are made of more flexible carbon fibers, specifically for the better absorption of vibrations transferred to the frame from the rear wheel. Thanks to this, DEMA carbon frames are not only firm and hard but also comfortable. One of the many advantages of carbon frames is the fact that they offer lower weight and significantly higher strength than frames made from aluminum alloys (3000 to 7000 Mpa).

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